Air Compressor and equipment servicing

Our technicians are fully qualified to undertake anything from minor servicing to major overhauls on all makes and models of air compressors and its equipment.

Screw Compressors - All Makes and Models

Minor service, major service and scheduled maintenance including maintenance plans available. Inclusions in service plans can be overhauls, rebuilds and wear parts replacement. Elite Compressed Air offers a 24 hour breakdown and repair call out service.

Piston/Reciprocating Compressors

Service of all makes and models of piston compressors. Enquire about our scheduled maintenance plans.  Repair and breakdown service is available.

Air Receivers & Pressure Vessel Inspections

Pressure vessel inspection certificates carried out to Australian Standards. Depending on what industry, 12 and 24 monthly reminders can be syndicated for when pressure vessels are due for inspection. Safety valve, gauge and auto drain replacement.

Refrigerated Dryers, Desiccant Dryers

Schedule servicing on all makes and models of refrigerated and desiccant dryers. Offering repairs and part replacements as well as desiccant replacement for desiccant dryers.

Air Filtration

Inline filter supply and replacements. Servicing of inline filter canisters and auto drain repair.

Overhauls / Airend Rebuilds

Overhauls included but not limited to: Scheduled airend rebuilds, seized airends repaired, blower overhauls and machine refurbishment.

Quality Air Testing

Testing of compressed air to Australian Standards for breathing air and other applications that require contaminate free air. Diagnostic report and certificate


Service, repairs and breakdown call out to all makes and models of blowers. Schedule service plans available.

Portable Diesel Compressors

Service and maintenance to diesel driven air compressors. Diesel engines associated with portable compressors and screw compressor servicing plans on-offer.